Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's like riding a bike...

Two weeks back in training and I'm feeling great :-)  It's like riding a bike...
So technically, I hadn't been "triathlon" training since the end of September after Kerrville 70.3.  I had only been running, training for San Antonio RnR 13.1, which was an epic fail, but we won't get into that :-P  My plan was to do a 13.1 every month from November until March, to keep me busy until triathlon season opened back up.  Well... then we all know what happened... IMTX!
So now I'm back in the pool three days a week, trainer two days, long ride one day, and running 3 days a week... Phew!  And this is just the beginning!  At this point it is about the same training I had been doing for the 70.3, so it is easy to fit the training back into my daily schedule.  I often get asked, How I do it all?!  Organization & time management are key!  I learned long ago that there are 24 hours in a day & there is no reason not to take advantage of as many as possible!  Not to imply I am an insomniac, on the contrary, 8 hours are strictly devoted to sleep!
On Wednesday, Orissa & I attended a book signing by Craig "Crowie" Alexander, 3x Ironman World Champion, 2x 70.3 World Champion, & first man to win them both in same year!  Now there is inspiration for you!  He was very down to earth & family oriented, which I liked.  Two points which he made stood out for me: 1) just because you are unhealthy, doesn't mean you are unfit.  When you get sick, take time to recover!  I learned that the hard way training for SA RnR, one "test" run became 3 days of NO running!  And 2) he takes more pride in watching his family, sponsors, & friends rejoice over his victories than the victory itself!  I'm no pro, so sometimes finishing itself is a victory for me!  So when I get a kiss from my husband & girls on the course or know my friends will be along the course cheering me on... that's all I need to make sure I cross that finish line!

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