Sunday, December 16, 2012

A day in the life of Dr. Iron-Mom...

When Allen asks me, What did you do today?, my usual answer is... EVERYTHING!  I quickly rattle off something like; get the girls up, get them ready for school, get myself ready for work, go to the hospital and round on my patients, have a meeting, swim, bike, and/ or run depending on the days schedule, run some errands, pick up the girls from school, take them to gymnastics or swimming, eat dinner (usually prepared by my wonderful husband), bath time for the girls, read them a book, put them to bed, prepare for the next day... and finally SLEEP! Phew! I knew when I signed up for this journey that it was going to be a challenge, the biggest challenge being, fitting everything in in a measly 24hrs!  But as I've mentioned before, organization & time management are key!
Then Monday came... 45 degrees Swim Monday!  From the moment I woke up I was battling it out in my head, how was I ever going to get my swim in, in an outdoor pool, in this freezing cold weather (yes, 45* is cold when you live in SA, but not when you live in NY!)?!  I left work, drove straight to the gym, signed in, walked to the back corner of the locker room & stood there screaming at myself (in my head of course, not out loud like a crazy lady) to get changed & get out there!  5min later, still standing in the same spot, I conceded defeat... There was NO way I was putting on a swim suit and walking outside in 45* weather, although the pool is heated... I turned around and got back in my car & went home.  I did not have a plan B!  I was organized & I had the time, but I did not have a PLAN!  Lesson learned... Planning is just as essential!
As my friend Kris pointed out, I was being a weenie!  I agree.  I let my lack of planning, and I have to admit, lack of motivation get the best of me.  So now I have found a new pool, an indoor pool, so that when the "winter" days here get even colder... I have NO EXCUSES!
On Friday, I had the privilege of joining my friend Monica for her afternoon PT session in the pool, her first time in the pool since the accident almost 2 months ago... soooo exciting!!!  The determination and fight in this girl is incredible!!!  I had already done my pool workout earlier and decided I was skipping the 6mi tempo run.  But after hanging out with Wonder Woman, I thought, no excuses... get out there and RUN!  So I did, and it ended up being a great run.  :-)

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