Friday, May 31, 2013

Ironman, the aftermath...

Everyone always warns you, but just like in training, you won't actually know until you are there.  Well, I am definitely "there", post-Ironman boredom!  Some have actually called it a depression, but luckily I haven't sank that low.  The week following the race I followed a structured "cool down" plan, an easy swim 2x, an easy run 3x, and an easy 45min ride.  Then my plan ended.
Monday came and I checked workout log.  I knew I hadn't paid my coach, so I didn't actually expect a plan to be there.  I remember saying during Ironman training that once this was all over I was going to take a whole month off.  OK, well the time has come & I can only stand 1 week!  I'm itching to workout, but forcing myself to take a mental break.  In the meantime, I've been entertaining myself with other activities such as shopping, getting my car washed, organizing the girls dresser drawers, lunch with my ladies, anything to get my mind off of swim, bike, run.  By Tuesday I had already texted Coachie, "Help! I'm bored!"  Of course, she reassured me that this was all part of the journey & my body needed to recover, all things that I knew, but didn't relieve the itch.
Today we had lunch and planned out my triathlon future & discussed all things glorious about triathlon!  Now I'm back to feeling normal, with butterflies in my stomach, thinking what am I getting myself into next!  Ahhh... the journey continues...

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